A Battery


In the beginning or Introduction

This article is written by someone studying English. Please appreciate your understanding in advance.🙇🏿

The course of events as to why looked up about the “Batteries

I don’t know how to say " an AA battery" in English and looked up it on the internet because I purchased an AA battery on the online store.
Even though it was written on the page " Self-Introduction", one of my hobbies is “writing diaries". as I also was writing a diary today but I don’t know how to say an “AA battery" and I was in trouble.
Since I looked up how to say “Batteries" and there are many kinds of batteries and I summarised how to say " Batteries" in English&Japanese.

The table of kind of batteries(in English&Japanese)

※The table is able to scroll sideways.

EnglishD battery C batteryAA batteryAAA batteryCoin battery
JapaneseTanichi Denchi (単1電池)Tanni Denchi (単2電池)Tansan Denchi (単3電池)Tanyon Denchi(単4電池)Botan・Koin Denchi(ボタン・コイン電池)

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