Junko Takeuchi has doing Japanese dubs of MrBeast.


In the beginning or Introduction

This article is written by Takumi who is studying English and improve my English Skills . Please appreciate your understanding in advance.🙇🏿

i can’t belive that this youtuber’s Japanese dubs is Junko Takeuchi who she is famous for Naruto.
i tried to watch the MrBeast’s Youtube channel because of i know it is as i’ve been doing the Online English Conversation and some teacher shared me about it.

then i’d love to know when she started doing on his Youtube channel and i googled it, it seems that she’ve been started doing dubs since May,21 2023.

In my opinion/In my view/I’d say that it is really good for Japanese learners, English learners or something like that, that’s because we can hear and read languages that/how we want to learn the languages with free(In addition, we don’t have to/need to pay money although we can watch it. ).

I’ll paste the link(URL) of his most famous Youtube videos and MrBeast met Junko Takeuchi

The videos of MrBeast

MrBeast met Junko Takeuchi


I can’t believe I met Naruto 😭 Thank you Takeuichi-san for being my voice in Japanese 😊 #naruto #hokage #myninjaway #dattebayo

♬ original sound – MrBeast

The most popular of MrBeat’s video on YouTube

Sunday, March 10 2023(3:32pm)


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