How to study English(it’s my experience without abroad)


In the beginning or Introduction

This article is written by Takumi who has been studying English and he would love to reinforce/improve his English Skills .

Please appreciate your understanding in advance.🙇🏿

I started changing the system’s language on ALL of my device

Since I Started learning English for four years expect in classes at school/aside from classes, I had changed my system’s language on my all device like iPhone,PC,iPad, all of things has did it like English speaker

Re-learned grammar, vocabularies and phrases with Duolingo in 3 months

I thought my English was B1(Intermediate) or or so although I couldn’t understand to read article and watching videos on YouTube in English.
Therefore I learned basic grammar, vocabularies and phrases from ZERO that like be a beginner then I studied English 8 to 10 hours per day and the most time is a half day in a day.
I listened and sang a lot of songs in English, and now I’m a fan of “One Direction", “Voice Play", “Home Free" and “Corpse". you can listen to their songs and watch their videos on YouTube and Streaming Services like Apple Music , Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music.

Keeping a diary in English

I’ve been writing a diary in English since the time I stated learning, so it’s been almost 4years.
I often did it that/how I had used to translation(Google Translate) in the beginning because I didn’t know phrases, vocabularies what I wanted to say in English.
Recently/Lately, I’m able to typing a sentences on my iPhone without/except/aside from a translation app and sometimes I post a article like this and tweet in X in English. I guess (that/how) most people feel like weird/strange when my English….
Even though I was felt something weird, I won’t quit/give-up learning English.

Take an English Courses/an English Test

This year I’ve taken an English test for the first time that/which is called “TOEIC"(TOEIC Listening & Reading), the result of the score is Listening:355 / 495 & Reading: 170/495 =525/990.
Honestly, I didn’t study for TOEIC because I just wanted to know my CURRENTLY English.

About the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

The TOEIC Listening and Reading test assesses your English-language listening and reading skills for the workplace. Test questions simulate real-life situations that are relevant to the global workplace. If you take it together with the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests, you’ll get a complete measurement of all four English-language communication skills.

Even though I got score, I’m not sure how my English Speaking Skills so/therefore I decided to take an English speaking test.
Besides/ In addition, I’m going to take a TSST English Speaking Test in this month/in the end of April 2024.

About TSST

TSST is an English Speaking Test which measures English speaking proficiency, an ability which cannot be measured by traditional written tests. Based on how well you speak “in that moment" and “in that situation", TSST assesses your speaking ability into 9 levels. TSST can be taken anytime during the exam period, 24/7, over the phone.

I’m taking an English courses since January,28 2024 to make a opportunity that speaking in English everyday in a row, and started learning English with Busuu app, watching English YouTube videos.

My goals

Let me finish by saying, I won’t never give up learning English to achieve getting into Stanford University that someone interrupt me/saying bullying.

Tuesday, April 9 2024(11:39am)


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